The Daily Smark for your iPhone

Series of iPhone app screens

The Daily Smark is a free iPhone app made for the wrestling fan that wants to stay informed. The goal is to provide a simple and pleasant experience for all wrestling fans. We pull together mutliple trustworthy news sources and all wrestling podcast from the Apple Podcast directory in order to ensure the content it delivers is accurate and diverse.

The Daily Smark presents you with the Trending screen that displays the current news and videos of the day. It also highlights the PPV & TV shows that are available to watch. All content you see can be filtered by WWE, AEW, Impact, etc or Type of Content such as News, Podcast and Videos. This is all intended to give you a quick glance of what is going on in the wrestling universe.

Users can download multiple podcast episodes from every wrestling podcast found in the Apple Podcast directory. Each podcast is from an independent voice that gives their unique opinion on the current wrestling landscape. Multiple YouTube videos from WWE, AEW, NWA and more are presented to the user to watch without leaving the app.

How and where to watch the latest wrestling show can be tough to keep up with. The Daily Smark makes this easier by displaying what TV Shows & PPVs are coming up in the current week and also any upcoming live events in your area automatically. These features and more are intended to make The Daily Smark your one spot for all types of wrestling content.


  1. Download and play all wrestling podcasts episodes from the Apple Podcast Directory on your phone.
  2. Control your podcast from your Lock screen & Control Center.
  3. Watch YouTube videos from WWE, AEW, NWA, Impact & more.
  4. Search & filter the content you want by Company & Content Type.
  5. Show or hide spoilers for articles and videos.
  6. See what wrestling TV shows are on today and upcoming live events near you.