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    Greg DeMarco Show: Poet & Restaurateur Tony Acero!
    Tony Acero sits down with Greg for an interview 10 years in the making!

    This week on the Greg DeMarco Show

    Greg is back for episode 5 of the solo effort, the Greg DeMarco Show, and he sits down with a friend and colleague of 10 years: Tony Acero! Tony joins Greg to discuss his family, foray into poetry, how he became part owner of a restaurant, pro wrestling and so much more. To cap it off, you get Tony's perspective on ego, and what it takes to truly have one.

    Plus Greg's peek behind the curtain includes his own foray--into crossfit! Greg details his first sessions as he takes his personal fitness to the next level.

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    About the Greg DeMarco Show

    Originally a group effort with Patrick O'Dowd (and Miranda Morales), the Greg DeMarco Show started in 2011 as an outlet for Greg and Patrick to broadcast their back-and-forth banter for all to hear. In this new form, the Greg DeMarco Show features Greg's solo takes on the world around us, along with a sit down interview with a fantastic guest.

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