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Kurt’s Angle Podcast: Reach Wrestling Owner Jason King (Part 1)
Kurt Johansson sits down with Reach Wrestling owner Jason King in part 1 of this exclusive interview!

Kurt’s Angle Podcast: An Interview With Reach Wrestling Owner Jason King Part 1


In part 1 of this interview, we talk about the creation of the ‘From The Ground Up’ series which was built off the foundations of the Reach Academy students. This part of the interview is all about the career of Jason King.

We discuss him getting into professional wrestling, getting that dream match against Doug Williams and breaking Doug’s nose early in the match, the closer of PWA and being their tag team champions with Adam Flint as King’s Court and their match against The UK Hooligans (Zak & Roy Knight).

We talk about stories of Roy Knight and just how good he really is in the ring and his contributions to supporting mental health and so much more.

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