The Daily Smark iPhone App: v0.8

Hi Everybody!

The Daily Smark has a launched the wrestling news iPhone app v0.8. This includes great features such as Podcast Subscriptions, Dark Mode, a revamped Events screen and other import bugfixes.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode Example

Starting with iOS 13, apps have been able to apply Dark Mode. What this means is your app can go from pure white to black and dark grey colors. The big benefit of this is it helps protect your eyes from being strained. We've applied this feature to our iPhone app. In our settings tab, you can now turn Dark Mode on / off always or use the system settings. Whatever your preference you can make choice that fits you best.

Podcast Directory & Subscriptions

Podcast Subscription Example

Previously, wrestling podcasts were limited by download and displayed only a few select voices of wrestling. We have added a new Podcast Directory that not only highlights some amazing podcast episodes but allows you to search for every single wrestling podcast found on the Apple Podcast Directory.

Once you find the Podcast that you want you can now subscribe to it. This will automatically download the most recent episode. Just like any podcast player, you will be notified when a new episode is ready to be downloaded. We've also added a Now Playing screen to make more easier to play or pause the current episode.

Events Calendar

Event Calendar Example

In our old app, we showed you a simple list of upcoming wrestling TV shows and live events. Now we've revamped it to be a complete calendar that highlights when the next episode of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, AEW Dynamite or Impact Wrestling will be on your TV or streaming service. You will also see highlighted on the calendar when the next PPV show will take place across all promotions.

We think you will enjoy these great new features and will make it easier to the find the wrestling content that you care about the most about. These amazing features take our iPhone app from being a simple news app to a full blown wrestling content app for all of your wrestling News, Podcasts & Videos.