Building The Daily Smark: August 2020

My goal for The Daily Smark has always been to take the idea of a common wrestling news site and bring it into the modern world. In order to achieve this, our platform needs to constantly evolve. So for the month of August, I set out to focus on our website where I started to take a hard look at what works or doesn't. Let's get started breaking down all the great changes and what's to come for the future.

A Refreshed & Faster Look

I took a look at our old website and knew I wanted to improve the way content was presented. So this meant to make images bigger, display previews of articles so you have a better idea of what the article talks about, and take advantage of as much space as possible. I also spent time rebuilding the entire website from the ground up to ensure pages load as fast as possible. Hopefully, you spend less time waiting on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Bring Features over from the App

The next change I wanted to make was to bring features from our iPhone app to the website. Knowing this is a pretty big change I decided to start by adding the Podcast Directory and showcasing any upcoming TV Shows or PPVs. For September, I'll work on bringing over more features along with brand new ones to continue making our platform even more unique.

A Manifesto for everyone

On Twitter, I posted a thread explaining why I built The Daily Smark and where I want it to stand out amongst the other wrestling news sites. Reading it again, I knew those words perfectly summed up the manifesto for our platform. Please take a few minutes and give it a read as I explain our driving force and most importantly our goals.

I hope you enjoyed this August recap as I build The Daily Smark. My goal has always been to bring together all of the great wrestling news, videos, and podcasts for your enjoyment. If you'd like to stay up to date on what else we're doing follow us on twitter and check out our website or free iPhone app.